Nuzlocke Episode 4 - Day at the Daycare

With all my responsibilities in Striaton City finished (collecting the Trio Badge and helping the scientist collect her Dream Mist), it was time to continue the journey. I headed to the left to find find myself on Route 3 which led me North. There wasn’t much grass (at first) but i soon came across two houses. On the right was the Pokemon Daycare, a place where I could leave two Pokemon have them reproduce. And to the left was a Daycare for children. Fucked up right?

Inside the daycare for children was a babysitter who could heal all my Pokemon. In the playground however, were a bunch of little kids who thought they could beat my Pokemon.

They were pathetic. I trounced them with Smokey and Jester and laughed in their faces! Each of them only had one Pokemon and I easily defeated them despite their type advantages. I even battled two of them at the same time and destroyed them each. Nothing beats beating little kids up with your Pokemon. Nothing.

As I headed west from the daycare, Who else but Cheren would show up looking for a fight.

I lead with my Smokey as he lead with his Snivy. With such an obvious type and level advantage over his Snivy (my Smokey was level 15 and his Snivy 14), I decided to use two Work Ups. He could barely scratch my Smokey with his Vine Whips and so I continued to use Work Up, boosting my Attack and more importantly, my Special Attack. After 4 of them, I used my Incinerate and one-shot his Snivy. His Purrloin was sent to a quick grave at the hands of my Worked Up Smokey.

After the easy battle, we see a pair of Galactic Grunts run by us like jackasses with Bianca and some little kid not far behind. They explain that someone had kidnapped her Pokemon. Hearing this, Cheren chases after them like a madman. I, however, walked back to the daycare i so easily destroyed and healed my Pokemon. I headed into the patch of grass to see what kind of Pokemon I could catch. So, Introducing the new member to Team Awesome, Pudges the Pidove:

For Episode 5, justice will be served!